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Everybody Knows (2018)

Todos lo saben is a movie starring Penélope Cruz, Javier Bardem, and Ricardo Darín. Laura, a Spanish woman living in Buenos Aires, returns to her hometown outside Madrid with her two children to attend her sister's wedding. However,...

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  • Genre: Crime | Drama
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The Synopsis for Everybody Knows (2018) 720p

Laura, a Spanish woman living in Buenos Aires, returns to her hometown outside Madrid with her two children to attend her sister's wedding. However, the trip is upset by unexpected events that bring secrets into the open.

The Director and Players for Everybody Knows (2018) 720p

[Director]Asghar Farhadi
[Role:]Penelope Cruz
[Role:]Javier Bardem
[Role:]Ricardo Darín
[Role:]Eduard Fernández

The Reviews for Everybody Knows (2018) 720p

Unfortunately it seems like nobody knows (with slight spoilers)Reviewed bygazalibraVote: 7/10

Todos lo saben is not a bad movie, nor a good one, it is simply a "non" movie. What's the plot? A girl is kidnapped and "who done it" and why? OK. The film gives you the impression of a kind of Agatha Christie element and you'd think there's a mystery going on, and then, when it is revealed who is behind the kidnapping, somebody who is a no-character in the movie and so nobody really cares about the closure of this "mystery", you'd understand that it is not a mystery movie. You are waiting for a Hitchcockian subplot, in which the girl has concealed herself in the bell-room of the church, which she hasn't. Is it a social drama? no, what's social about a bunch of unreal people who change their attitude by the minute? Is that obviously forced "La madre que te parió!" told to a foreign worker makes this movie a social drama? A psychological one? Is is enough that the woman (Cruz) tells the man that the girl is her child, out of nowhere and in that stupid tale of going to the airport, to make him sell his farm and go crazy? If this is a psychological drama, then every single movie is just that. Is the story engaging? Of course not! a long and full of much too insignificant details narration -- forty five minutes of kissing and hugging and drinking and dancing, for the start -- leaves no place for engagement, and there is no sympathy for any of the characters to make the viewer want to know what would happen in the end. Is there a Bu?uelian subtext? Non! Just one lousy layer of tedium. A Humanist message? No, because not one of the characters is acting humane. So why is this movie made, when it is neither entertainment nor art?Also there are some very incredible themes and scenes that makes the viewer wonder. WHY ARE THEY KISSING AND HUGGING SO MUCH, and all the while they have no love and adoration for each other? I haven't seen this much kissing and hugging in a total of more than a hundred European or American movies. For a simple viewer, Farhadi has failed to make the realistic environment and uses some Iranian cultural attitudes for a bunch of Spanish and Argentine and Catalan people. But that's not the case, because no such thing goes on in Iranian culture either. I guess this is what he has taken from cheesy TV series made in Iran (and of course many other countries), considering that he himself was a TV series director basically.What is this Argentine? This impotent who has raised another man's child because "she was a salvation tool from God"? Why is he talking about God all the time? Why has he given a great amount of money to the church and then become bankrupted and unemployed for two years? This Argentine is a symbol of Iranian men as Farhadi perceives them (And that's why he is from Argentina, an "underdeveloped" country with stupid people like those we have seen in The Salesman, A separation, and some other Farhadi movies). Even if this movie is not about Iranian people, Farhadi can not refrain from trying to get away from his identity, and tries to show what he feels about himself in people from "underdeveloped" world, which is basically untrue and in no way just.Why is so much mud on the shoes of that girl, as if it were poured on it by her own hands?Why there is no substance in any other characters else than the four main ones (which are not complete and enough, by no means)?Why the woman living with the Javier Bardem character uses that much make up on her last talk with the man? Has she gone crazy or is there a meaning to it that we cannot understand?Why the daughter asks the Argentine "why didn't you insted of Paco come to fetch me?" Is it supposed to shake us, this final blow to the stupid, underdeveloped, backward impotent? What makes her to ask such a question?What is the problem of the man behind kidnapping with this family?Why Haven't we seen the boyfriend of the guilty girl not one time before and why is this girl obedient to him and then suddenly afraid and loosing her mind to go and muddy her shoes?Why there is no hint that the kidnapping is actually done FOR MONEY?Why the ex-officer does not persuade them to go to the police?...Some people have rightly said that Todos lo saben is a very weak remake of About Elly whi is in turn very similar to L'avventura by Antonioni. This reminded me of an interview in which Farhadi, when asked if he had been influenced by Antonioni's L'avventura in creating About Elly, answered "no, because I haven't seen that movie. Actually I watched a half of it and got bored and stopped watching." If he has told the truth, who is this director, this great director, bearer of Cannes and Oscar and many other prizes? how is he bored by a masterpiece of cinema and is accepted as a thinking artist?

Nobody knows!Reviewed byclanad-282-429375Vote: 1/10

That should have been the title!I was bored to death and eventually got out of the the auditoria with a feeling of :I missed it all!

RemarkableReviewed bymazetastanVote: 10/10

Any movies Javier bardem act, awesome. When i see he is in the movie, i knew the movie was really good. Because he never play in cheap quality movies. Absolutely remarkable.

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