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The Incredibles (2004)

A family of undercover superheroes, while trying to live the quiet suburban life, are forced into action to save the world.

IMDB: 8.0179 Likes

  • Genre: Animation | Action
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  • Run Time: 115
  • IMDB Rating: 8.0/10 
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The Synopsis for The Incredibles (2004) 720p

Mr. Incredible (A.K.A. Bob Parr), and his wife Helen (A.K.A. Elastigirl), are the world's greatest famous crime-fighting superheroes in Metroville. Always saving lives and battling evil on a daily basis. But fifteen years later, they have been forced to adopt civilian identities and retreat to the suburbs where they have no choice but to retire of being a superhero and force to live a "normal life" with their three children Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack (who were secretly born with superpowers). Itching to get back into action, Bob gets his chance when a mysterious communication summons him to a remote island for a top secret assignment. He soon discovers that it will take a super family effort to rescue the world from total destruction.

The Director and Players for The Incredibles (2004) 720p

[Director]Brad Bird
[Role:Helen Parr/Elastigirl]Holly Hunter
[Role:Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible]Craig T. Nelson
[Role:Buddy Pine/Syndrome]Jason Lee
[Role:Lucius Best/Frozone]Samuel L. Jackson

The Reviews for The Incredibles (2004) 720p

Full speed ahead once it gets past a slow start...Reviewed byNeil DoyleVote: 7/10

THE INCREDIBLES is an incredibly popular Pixar computer animated action cartoon that made millions at the box office because it's an entertaining and funny romp about a family of super-incredible heroes.

Audiences can relate because the heads of the family (Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl--voiced by Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter) really want to settle down and have normal lives in suburbia without having to resort to their superpowers to save the world.

But boredom creeps into their lives and the message of the film seems to be, if you have a gift use it. After years of suppressing his gift, Mr. Incredible gets lured into active service again and then the film really gets going.

Once the film shifts into action mode, there's an incredible amount of things to watch as the scenes go speeding by relentlessly in search of a new adventure at every turn. And when Mr. Incredible's family joins the search for his whereabouts when he's captured by his nemesis, the film lurches forward with even greater speed.

Apparently, audiences reacted very enthusiastically to this sort of crime caper action cartoon, animated in great style by Pixar. If you enjoy watching comic book heroes do their thing, you won't be disappointed in "The Incredibles."

Of course, it goes against the theory that the Disney studios kept in mind when making the first feature-length cartoon, afraid that too bright colors and too much fast action would give moviegoers a headache for a feature-length cartoon. "The Incredibles" defies that theory at every turn.

Reviewed bybas ruttenVote: 9/10/10

Shortly after Dreamworks screwed up with the uninspired "Shark Tale",Pixar contains its remarkably success story with "The Incredibles". Andwhile I have to say that I liked "Finding Nemo" a bit better, "TheIncredibles" is still an amazing movie.

First of all, this is because it's funny. It's not so funny that you'reconstantly laughing out loud, but there are more than enough good jokesin the movie to keep you entertained, and it's full of goodobservations about superhero movies (note all the ridiculous superheroand villain names) and references to other movies. It's also abrilliant James Bond spoof/homage, containing all the gadgets, secretisland bases and crazy schemes that made early Bond movies so much fun.

Secondly, this movie has heart and charm in droves. It's full ofmemorably and likable characters you can really identify with and careabout. Characters like Edna are instant classics. The voice acting isuniversally excellent, but Holly Hunter steals the show as Elastigirl.This is a movie that doesn't need toilet humor, characters modeled likecelebrities, or a "hip" easily succeeds on charm andstyle alone.

Also, I found it to be a surprisingly good action movie. The plentifulaction sequences are full of energy, extremely fast-paced, andexciting, and put many a live-action movie to shame.

Finally, I also liked the tone and message of the movie. "TheIncredibles" basically makes a plea against mediocrity, breaking withthe politically correct idea that "everybody is special" (and thusnobody really is), and encouraging people to use the talents they havebeen given. I think this couldn't be more true. Not all people areequally talented (just compare Pixar to Dreamworks), but this is noreason to keep the talented people from not reaching their fullpotential just because it makes the less talented ones feel bad.

"The Incredibles", while maybe not as hilarious as I had hoped (thoughit's still very funny), is nonetheless an extremely entertaining movie,that manages to charm you wit its combination of great characters, lotsof style, tongue-in-cheek attitude and good message. Highlyrecommended.

****1/2 of ***** stars

Wonderful, beautiful to watch, all in all, incredible.Reviewed byRichard BruntonVote: 10/10

WOW! What a movie. I can honestly say this is in my top ten movies of all time, how do Pixar continue to out do themselves at every movie release?

The Incredibles is a fantastic story, wonderfully scripted and with the most stunning animation you have ever seen, it provides a perfectly rounded story with plenty of action, laughs and (almost) tears.

Basically, this is a story of a man encountering a mid life crisis and leaping headlong into it without a care or a thought for his family, proving exceedingly selfish and failing to see the good in his life. Meanwhile the wife is left to try and look after the family. Really, that's the story. Now, what Pixar have done is drop in the idea that the parents are Superheroes, banned from being Super many years previously by the Government and the people, trying to live a normal life. Add to the mix that some of their children have inherited their own powers and that the Super villains are planning a comeback, and you have this wonderful movie.

I can't begin to convey how wonderful the animation is, it's perfect. I mean you'll always be looking at it knowing it's animation, but when the story takes you along you'll suddenly realize you're still watching animation. The subtle difference is that you forget, and there are parts (for instance when the father is cheering his son during the race) that you actually think it is real. The effects for water, fire (two of the hardest things to recreate in animation) and lava are wonderful to watch and caught me drawing a breath when I first saw them.

The characters and acting are wonderful, and you will find yourself caring about them as real people. At some points I could feel a big swallow coming up and a wavering adams apple, obviously due to the food earlier, nothing to do with the movie.

I often find that movies aren't paced well, that they either have too long or too short an introduction to the characters, or the events that lead up to the pivotal point of the movie are unbalanced against the climax, all sorts of combinations. Not here, this move is perfect and well balanced, the story takes you along just when you are ready, and there were no points where I wished we could move on, or something could happen quicker. My only frustration were at the kids, and this was only because they were behaving exactly as real kids would.

It was interesting to see the comparisons and links to other famous Superheroes through comic-lore. Definitely with nods to The Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer and huge nods to The Watchmen. My only concern is that there is so much similarity to The Watchmen that those who haven't read the graphic novel will be saying "That's the Incredibles movie" when Watchmen finally comes to fruition.

The short film showing before this was wonderful in itself, and had the audience laughing out loud loads. Excellent, and once again, outdoes every short that they've produced before. Boundin' was beautifully animated and wonderfully told. Guaranteed to bring a huge big smile to your face.

All in all I think this movie is perfect and truly incredible.

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