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The Last Frontier (1955)

A trapper and his two partners work as scouts for a remote army fort where they witness an incompetent colonel's decision to throw his small unprepared garrison against Red Cloud's sizable Sioux force.

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The Synopsis for The Last Frontier (1955) 720p

Crude and uncivilized backwoods trapper Jed Cooper and his two partners sign up as scouts in a remote Oregon army fort, manned chiefly by untrained rookie soldiers. Jed, flirting with the idea of leading a more settled life, decides he needs a woman to start the process, and selects Corinna Marston, the beautiful young wife of Colonel Marston, commander of the next fort down the line. Marston arrives and announces to commanding officer Captain Riordan that he has lost his fort and most of his men to an Indian attack and that he, as ranking officer, is assuming command. Riordan, a young, but sensible officer, is outraged when he learns that Marston, posted out west for having lost his 1500-man command during a Civil War battle, has ordered the entire fort's complement, totally unprepared for combat and outnumbered, to march out against experienced Indian warriors.

The Director and Players for The Last Frontier (1955) 720p

[Director]Anthony Mann
[Role:]Victor Mature
[Role:]Guy Madison
[Role:]Robert Preston

The Reviews for The Last Frontier (1955) 720p

A thumping good western.............Reviewed byJazzer65Vote: 8/10

One that passed me by I think, my loss. Excellent film to me, the cast demonstrate that the training they got all those years ago works. Today, nothing going on behind the eyes. Too many who are slaves to their mirrors and hairdresser. No reactors: all waiting for their line. Too many who think a spell on big brother will do for training.

A good story , well told, If this film comes around and you thought it was a run of the mill western, try it, you may enjoy it.

I don't know who the Hollywood studio trumpeter was, who did most of the bugle calls, the 'accidental' jazz like phrasing and superb sound was worth a grin ... perhaps Conrad Gozzo. That's the sort of blooper I like.

I am getting a little tired of being offered the same film over and over again with the usual monosyllabic dialogue, obligatory car crash and so on this for me was everything I miss about Hollywood.

Very Enjoyable 50's WesternReviewed bycockerspaniels3Vote: 7/10

Very enjoyable 50's Western. I have it in my collection and recommend it to Western fans.

Mostly Victor Mature's movie and quite well done in my estimation.

He's a trapper who joins a frontier post as a scout. Red Cloud caught three of them on their land and took their possessions. They all joined as scouts after their loss.

Victor has set his eye's on the Colonel's wife and lives life on the post without much regards to regulations.

Action done quite convincingly but no great depth or much feeling to other characters.

50's Westerns are my favorites and this slides easily to a satisfaction. A Western of this kind is in the pages of the past and perhaps never to be made much again. One to enjoy. Gave it a 7 rating. Likely 6.8 worthy but films like these become more precious over time.

For film-noir fans..."The Big Steal" "They Live By Night" "Side Street" are most wonderful movies to be enjoyed. Bought and viewed. Noir seems to resemble Westerns in a way. Some long ago and never forever.

Civilization and Its MalcontentsReviewed byrpvanderlindenVote: 8/10

Victor Mature plays Jed Cooper, a rough-and-tumble mountain man, ostensibly in need of a few social graces, who, along with his two companions, is hired on as a civilian guide at the local army installation, a fort on the edge of nowhere. He wants two things: a soldier's uniform, and commander Col. Frank Marsden's wife, Corinna (a blonde Anne Bancroft). She isn't altogether turned off. Her husband has been shuffled as far west as possible by the Army to escape his quaint reputation as the "butcher of Shiloh". A sizable native army, just beyond the fort, is waiting. Marsden dismisses them as stupid savages with no concept of military strategy, then falls into one of their bear traps.

"The Last Frontier" is about civilization and what it means to be civilized. Jed is an outsider and he wants to belong. For him, to be civilized is to wear a uniform and to attain domesticity. He grapples hard with this civilization thing and learns that there are some confounding complexities. Col. Marsden flaunts the veneer of civilization, but he's a rule-toting bully.

I've probably said too much already, but I love the dry, adult westerns of Anthony Mann. For all his tackling of a complex theme Mann doesn't forget the action scenes. The climactic Indian attack is exciting, with the dust that's whipped up providing a nice visual touch, and Jed's one-on-one fight with a Marsden flunkie is raw and brutal. The fort in this movie appears to be authentic and detailed, and we get to see its layout. Victor Mature's performance as a rough frontiersman is well realized and convincing, a far cry from the oiled-up Samson wrestling a stuffed lion in a certain Cecil B. De Mille soaper. A special nod to Guy Madison for his portrayal of a sane, all-round nice guy. This is hardly a "lesser" Mann picture. It's up there among his best.

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